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The Chicago Project


The Chicago Project
Fold-out Futures Vols 1 & 2
By Dr Irene Barberis & Karen Forbes

The two volumes of The Chicago Project: Fold-out Futures, divide the visual and the textual contents.

The first volume records the images, ideas, processes and development of new works by the students/artists who were involved in this project. Also included are short introductory texts by each participant, describing the specific bodies of work emanating from the residency at the ECA studio in the John David Mooney Foundation, Chicago.

The textual component of the set traces the extended body of artworks and their conceptual developments through an interview format, and outlines, in a series of chapters, responses of the artists and guest contributors to Notions of Utopia in Art and Architecture.

Attention is given to the philosophical and pedagogical approaches to the project – and the nuances observed through the housing of it within the global research model, Metasenta Projects.

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